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Shop Beautiful Bikinis Online - Beads and Embroidery

Calaswim embellishes your beach presence with intricately adorned bikinis, each reflecting your unique vibrancy. Our bikinis combine tropical paisley prints with the laid-back sophistication of Ibiza boho chic. Adorn your essence beautifully with Calaswim.

Trendsetting Bikinis - Decorated with Beads and Embroidery

Calaswim presents a collection of bikinis that exude coastal elegance, adorned with delicate beads and intricate embroidery. These bikinis go beyond following trends; they set them, capturing the essence of 2024's aesthetic. Each bikini is a creative masterpiece, blending traditional techniques with contemporary style to enhance your natural beauty.

The craftsmanship of Calaswim's bikinis celebrates individuality. Explore our curated selections and discover the unique stories behind each piece, with shimmering beads and fashion-forward embroidery. This is where high fashion meets the tranquility of the beach, making a memorable statement in beach fashion.

Stand out with a unique bikini

Elevate your beachside ensemble with Calaswim's exquisitely adorned bikinis, each piece a testament to individual expression and refined taste. Expertly embroidered motifs and hand-sewn beads ensure no two bikinis are alike, allowing for a truly unique beach identity.

Calaswim bikinis offer a luxurious bohemian experience, with exquisite beadwork and embroidery that embodies the Ibiza boho chic style

Wearing Calaswim is like adorning a piece of art, designed to celebrate the wearer's unique beauty.

For aficionados of beach fashion: the Calaswim range promises a silhouette for every figure, from S to XXL. Alongside our diverse sizing, we provide a plethora of styles—halter, triangle tops, and various bottom cuts, ensuring an impeccable fit and unmatched flair.

Find the right size for you:

Explore our 2024 Bikini Styles of 2024

2024's bikini fashion embraces the allure of intricate beadwork and embroidery, bringing charm and tactile appeal. The trends showcase a paradise of boho chic style, featuring tropical paisley prints and a diverse range of silhouettes to flatter all body shapes.

Ibiza trends, boho chic, tropical paisley prints

The 2024 beachscape is awash with bikinis that celebrate Ibiza's boho chic vibe, radiating with intricate embroidery and shimmering beads.

  1. Tropical Paisley Prints: A mesmerizing blend of vibrant hues and swirling patterns that capture the essence of island life.
  2. Beaded Detailing: Each bikini is bedecked with beads that reflect the island's radiant sun and sparkling waters.
  3. Embroidered Elegance: Artisanal embroidery adds depth and texture, signifying a return to handcrafted sophistication.
  4. Relaxed Silhouettes: Bohemian-inspired designs that offer both comfort and style, perfect for beachside revelries.

Effortlessly blending comfort with the decorative, these bikinis elevate the wearer's beach wardrobe to an art form.

Nodding to the islands heritage, these styles are crafted to complement the natural curves and confidence of every beachgoer.

What type of Bikinis Tops are available?

At Calaswim, we offer a diverse range of bikini tops to cater to the preferences of fashion-conscious beachgoers. From supportive underwired balconette styles, halter tops, bandeau tops, to classic triangle cuts, most tops can be customized with removable padding.

  1. Halter Tops: Embrace elegance with a halter top, a style that marries support with sophistication. Ideal for a varied range of bust sizes, these tops ensure comfort without compromising on design.
  2. Bandeau Tops: characterized by its strapless silhouette, offers a chic option. Its timeless appeal is further augmented when adorned with beadwork and embroidery. Also great for changing up tan lines.
  3. Triangle Tops: For those who prefer a classic look, the triangle bikini top is a quintessential choice. This minimalist design is elevated through intricate bead and embroidery details, making each piece a wearable work of art. Triangle tops are availe in single lace, double lace and braided lace styles.

Meanwhile, the versatility of these styles affords the wearer the ability to tailor their beachside ensemble to their personal aesthetic and alter tan lines. Each top's distinctive embellishments and prints celebrate individuality, in sync with the latest Bohemian trends.

Selecting a Calaswim bikini top becomes an act of self-expression, with each design serving as a testament to one's personal style narrative, enriched by attention to detail and quality.

What type of Bottoms are available?

At Calaswim, we offer a variety of bikini bottoms to suit different preferences. From daring thong designs to classic cuts with fuller coverage, our bottoms cater to diverse tastes. Each piece is embellished with delicate beading or embroidery, adding an elegant touch.

  1. Support Bikini Bottoms - provide a harmonious blend of modest coverage and flattering tailoring.
  2. Cheeky Bikini Bottoms - offer a balance between revealing curvature and providing ample coverage. This style appeals to beachgoers who desire a blend of daring and decorum. Meticulously tailored to accentuate natural contours, cheeky bottoms are often adorned with intricate embellishments that shimmer in the sun.
  3. Thong Bikini Bottoms - are perfect for those who prefer minimal coverage and optimal tanning. Embellished with beads and embroidery, they embody a boho chic aesthetic, capturing the free-spirited allure of Ibiza. Despite their daring style, they offer comfort and freedom.

Choosing Between Thong, Cheeky, or Support

Selection between varying bikini bottom styles hinges significantly on personal comfort and the level of exposure one is willing to embrace. The assortment at Calaswim ensures that every individual finds their ideal fit for a confident display of self-expression.

Reasons to Buy Your Bikini Online

We have an exclusive collection of bikinis —ranging from sleek, minimalist styles to ornate, boho-inspired pieces. Each design caters to nuanced tastes, ensuring a match for beachgoers seeking a unique aesthetic statement.

Our selections promise a garment poised for the sands of Ibiza or a luxe beach club engagement.

Easy Returns policy to buy a bikini online

Try different designs to find your perfect match. Hassle-free returns policy create a worry-free shopping experience.

Should you encounter discrepancy in fit between two sizes, this policy allows selection with leeway. Determine your best fit in the comfort of home, free from the constraints of a single-choice dilemma.

To that end, we uphold an easy Returns policy designed to provide peace of mind when selecting your perfect beachwear. With Calaswim, if your chosen bikini does not meet your expectations or if you require a different size, returning the item is made stress-free and accessible. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look to ensure a seamless process that recognizes the intimate nature of bikini fit and preference.

Moreover, our commitment to exceptional customer service accompanies every transaction. We respect the importance of time-sensitive swimwear needs, particularly as vacation dates loom. Offering prompt responses to return requests and expediting exchanges ensure you will have the right bikini when you are at the beach.

How to Care for and Maintain your Bikini:

A delicate composition of fabric, beads, and embroidery demand specific care to prolong the life of your exquisite Calaswim bikini. Gentle hand washing in cool water is paramount, using only mild detergents to maintain the vibrancy and integrity of the materials.

Always lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight. This prevents the fading of delicate hues and delicate beadwork and embroidery that adorn your statement piece.

After each wear, rinse in clean water to remove any chlorine or salt that can degrade the fabric over time. Ensuring that every thread and embellishment is rinsed thoroughly aids in preserving the unique character and intricate details that define your piece's elegance, essentially guarding against premature wear.

Investing in a protective mesh washing bag is a wise decision when dealing with embroidered and beaded bikinis. Machine washing, even on a delicate cycle, can be too harsh for these ornate items, causing beads to loosen and embroidery to unravel. It's essential to set aside a dedicated space for drying bikinis. To prevent distortion, avoid wringing out the fabric, instead opting to press gently between towels to absorb excess moisture.

Best Practices for Cleaning and Storage of your Bikini

Maintaining the allure of your Bikini requires a meticulous approach to its cleaning and storage.

  1. Rinse Thoroughly after use to remove chlorine, saltwater, and lotions, which can degrade the fabric over time.
  2. Wash Gently by hand using a mild detergent to preserve the integrity of the material and avoid fabric damage.
  3. Pat Dry with soft towel lying flat to maintain the Bikinis shape and avoid stretching; do not use a tumble dryer. Never use a direct heat source to dry your bikini. Intense heat can compromise the elasticity of the fabric and alter the texture, thus affecting the fit and comfort.
  4. Avoid Direct Sunlight while drying to prevent the colors from fading and to maintain fabric elasticity.
  5. Store Appropriately in a cool, dry place, away from any items that could snag the embelishments or fabric.

Taking these steps will safeguard the quality and ensure that your Calaswim Bikini remains a testament to your discerning taste for seasons to come.